Crooked Money

Crooked Money

2D Real-Time RPG Game

Crooked Money software program is an adult role-playing and strategy game that is set in the world where it is easy to earn money through illegal activities.

Sell drugs, pick pockets, steal from people, or fight for your own territory with rival gangsters to score points. With different jobs and skills to choose from, you can be a hobo, assassin or an honest worker and more in this game.

Really, the choice is yours. Be the richest and the most notorious among crooks in Crooked Money. Be sure to look out for police and rival mobs that are after you.

Other features of the game include six game modes with different victory conditions and advantages, changeable profile picture and user name during game start-up, status and actions on-screen displays, in-game statuses to monitor your game progress, quality detailed graphics and more.